As the CEO of CSEM, Alexandre Pauchard leads the Swiss technology innovation center that helps industries adopt new technologies. He leads a team of 600 experts who innovate in various domains, such as precision manufacturing, digitalization, and sustainable energy. 

He has a rich and diverse background in technology development and management. He joined CSEM in early 2021, after being the CTO and head of R&D at BOBST, the global leader in packaging equipment and services. He also shaped the future of laser, quantum, and optical technologies at startups and SMEs like Synova SA, ID Quantique SA, and Nova Crystals in Silicon Valley. He consulted for Intel’s Photonics Technology Lab in California for six years.

He holds a physics degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and a PhD in microtechnology from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. He has co-authored 80 publications and 13 patents. He has won Swiss awards, such as “INDUSTRY 4.0 – THE SHAPERS 2019” and “Digital Shapers 2021”, for his impact on the digital transformation of industry. He is a member of the Swiss Quantum Commission and serves on the boards of Silatech SA and the Neuchâtel Chamber of Commerce and Industry.