Science Director, TNO

Christa Hooijer is director of Science at the unit Industry of TNO since September 2019. She is responsible for the knowledge base of the unit, which supports Dutch high-tech industry with expertise in optics, opto-mechatronics, nano-instrumentation, space-systems engineering, hybrid printed and thin film electronics, additive manufacturing and materials solutions. The unit hosts several unique technology infrastructures, either by itself or in combination. Before joining TNO, she had a long career with the Dutch physics organization FOM, part of the Dutch funding organization for Scientific Research NWO, serving among others as the last director of FOM and the first of the NWO institute organisation. She holds a PhD in physics from the Free University in Amsterdam, and got her Masters of Applied Physics at the University of Twente. She is a member of a variety of advisory committees to the University of Maastricht, the University of Leiden, the gravitational waves research community and the Centre for Mathematics and Informatics in Amsterdam. Starting April 2022, she is the chair of the Dutch Physical Society.