Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of Catalonia

Maria Àngels Chacón i Feixas is a Catalan politician and the current Minister of Enterprise and Knowledge of Catalonia since May 2018. Ms Chacón has worked as an export director for several companies in the paper sector. She was commercial director for Juan Romaní Esteve and she was in charge of export for Manipulados del Noya. Ms Chacón was General-Secretary of the Anoia Business Union, an organisation that represents 850 partners and 2,400 companies,from 2008 to 2011. Ms Chacón was co-ordinating the Urbact 3D Cities (economic growth and innovation in health) and Urbact Retailink (economic growth and commercial strategy innovation in medium-sized cities) projects and she has been the co-director of the 4D Health Patient Safety Simulation Innovation Center since 2009. In June 2017 Ms Chacón was appointed Director-General of industry in the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Department of Business and Knowledge.