Dr. Sigitas Rimkevičius is the Director of the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) (Kaunas, Lithuania) since 2014. LEI is an internationally recognized energy-related research, development, and innovation competence center with over 200 people and a turnover exceeding 10 MEUR. He is a member of the Executive Boards of the Association “RTO Lithuania” and EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organisations). He graduated from the Kaunas Technology University, Lithuania, in 1986. Dr. Rimkevicius received a Doctor of Science (Technology) degree from the Lithuanian Energy Institute in 1995. His research interests are safety assessment of nuclear power plants and other nuclear installations under construction during operation and decommissioning, as well as Energy systems integration, reliability and risk analysis of energy supply systems, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics. He has been involved in many EU and national projects in the area of nuclear safety and energy systems research. He, together with co-authors, has published more than 100 research publications.