Deputy Director for Research at the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation

Science manager and engineer. He has many years of experience in both design and team management in research institutions and manufacturing companies in the aviation and automotive industries, acquired in GE Company Poland GE Aviation Engineering Design Center and in Gerda Hydomat S.A.

He has been working at the Institute since 2016. He was director of the Center for Transport and Energy Conversion. In 2018, he was appointed deputy director of the Łukasiewicz Research Network Institute of Aviation. He manages 10 competence centers in the area of ​​aviation, space, drone, materials, energy and engineering technologies. He is responsible for international cooperation and the development of scientific staff.

A representative in the Technical Committee in Clean Aviation, the European Partnership leading research and innovation program for zero-emission aviation. For 6 years he was a board member of Future Sky in EREA, the largest organization in Europe bringing togetherresearchers and scientists in the field of aeronautics.

Sylwester Wyka is a representative in the Working Group of the Żwirko i Wigura Programrun by the Ministry of Infrastructure and a member of the Association of Unmanned Aerial Systems. He was a coordinator of the Clean and Intelligent Mobility Research Group at Łukasiewicz Research Network.

Doctor of Philosophy degree in the field of social sciences in the discipline of science on management and quality. He graduated Executive Master of Business Administration studies at the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is also a graduate of Warsaw University of Technology where he studied at the Faculty of Production Engineering, majoring in Automation and Robotics. Author of many scientific publications on management.